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Posted: Sat 09 Sep 2006 3:00 pm Reply with quote
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Yes a rogue the most played class would like to join you guys : )
I am a dagger spec rogue with Ass/Subt with imp backstab in combat.
If need be i will rerspec to full combat for raiding purposes but right now im specced that way for the pvp i have been doing lately.

I have experience in MC through rags, BWL through broodlord, ZG full thing, AQ20 the first four bosses (Kurr, Rajaxx, Buru, and Moam)

AQ40 i have attempted the first boss but havent seen him go down yet.

Im attuned to Naxx have gone in to screw around and see what can be done with a small group for trash mob epics. There is my CTProfile with my gear. Use the drop down menu to see my NR and my FR unbuffed.

Thanks for your time.
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