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Posted: Mon 15 May 2006 3:01 pm Reply with quote
Ice-Cold Joined: 11 Jul 2005 Posts: 2137 Location: havetogonotime
So you'd like to join the Last Horse? Here's what all potential members should know about our group before attempting to join.

The Last Horse is a non-guilded endgame PvE raid, Alliance-side, on the Argent Dawn server. We originated as a pickup raid in the spring of 2005 and have persisted since. Since then, we've grown significantly, established a returning roster of raiders and a consistent, point-based looting system, and gone on to be one of the more successful raids on the Argent Dawn server- no small accomplishment given our non-guild-based nature.

That lack of a guild status is one of the most central characteristics of our raid. The Last Horse was founded, and remains populated by those who wish to partake of endgame content without joining a large raiding guild. Often this is because members don't wish to leave their current guilds, even if those guilds are too small or otherwise unable to participate in raid content. It is the belief of the Last Horse that one's guild tag should never dictate which endgame content a dedicated player is able to take part in.

The Last Horse is:

    A serious raid. The skill and dedication of the players that make up the Last Horse is no less than those of any other raid, guild-based or otherwise. Don't interpret our lack of a guild focus as a sign of indecisiveness or a lack of seriousness on the part of our members; we take the challenges of this game seriously- we're just dedicated to meeting them on our terms.

    A capable raid. Blackwing Lair and below, and AQ40 up to Emps are on farm status. Additionally, we've killed C'Thun as well as the first 5 bosses in Naxxramas. LH is currently focusing on getting C'Thun on farm status and Naxx.

The Last Horse is not:

    A pickup raid. Our raids are not populated with whoever is available at the time; we have a recurring roster of individuals who always get preference when raids are formed. While our raid originally began as a pickup, controlling our membership allows us to invest experience and loot in a set amount of players, and lets us progress and improve as a raid.

    A stepping stone. We don't want to serve as an "in-between" step until a player can get into a dedicated raiding guild, or otherwise serve as a temporary raid for a player who has other plans. Players who join us are expected to stay with us; those who wish to move on to another raid in time are asked not to join us, as to do so would be under a false pretense of dedication.

    A guild alliance. While many guilds participate in endgame content through us, some in significant numbers, we are not a guild alliance in any sense. Membership in any of the guilds that help form our ranks is never required, and will never afford any preference or other advantages when it comes to raid functions.

If you're still interested in joining the Last Horse, your best bet is to just "hang out," so to speak. Feel free to register here on the forums if you haven't already, and take a look around to get an idea of how our raid works. Take a look at our schedule of events elsewhere in this forum and see whether the times we do our regular raids work out for you, and if you can, show up at those times. Even if we can't get you in at first, we can keep you in mind as a replacement should the need arise and you're willing to wait for the opportunity, but understand first that this cannot happen unless our current members cease to attend regularly.

Our current state of recruitment is detailed here:

If there are any questions, please direct them to Crytin either here in the forums (a private message is preferable), or to Esist in the game (either /tell or game mail is fine).

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Posted: Thu 07 Sep 2006 3:46 pm Reply with quote
Batman™ of the Internet Joined: 23 Jun 2005 Posts: 2950 Location: homeless
So, we've gotten to the point as LH that we can be fairly selective as to who gets in. We don't want random nobos. We want decently geared, experienced, and good players that are willing to commit to wipe after wipe all in the name of progress.

If you don't have much experience, or gear. This can be offset by attending MC, our sporatic 20 mans, and (although less likely of acceptance, it still happens) BWL. The first bits of AQ40, as well.

In going to these places, we can test your ability to function as a class within our group enviroment, as well as gear you up.

There are of course going to be exceptions that will supercede this rule, but mostly it comes down to the fact that, no matter how skilled you are, that doesn't make an Eyebeam to the face any less painful when you're wearing Adventurer's Tunic of Defense.


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Posted: Mon 11 Sep 2006 10:35 am Reply with quote
Ice-Cold Joined: 11 Jul 2005 Posts: 2137 Location: havetogonotime

In all reality, no, it's not, not most of the time. Our chat channel is an offtopic channel except for invite time. Vent is mindless banter when we're not on a boss that's not on farm usually, or on trash we haven't cleared yet; Tetsuos even pipes in music for us through Jukebox. This is not a guild raid, this is a bunch of (mostly) psychopaths who are somehow good at what they do and play together.

The schedule says we have raids 7 days a week but we have no direct attendance policy. The weekday raids start at 7pm but usually end by 10:30pm or so, excluding Friday.

Don't confuse this with us not wanting to beat high-end content; everyone's goals are different, whether they're loot, seeing new bosses drop, or just screwing around, but the end result is the same: content is conquered. Our progress speaks for itself with how committed we are as a group.

New applicants should read this and get the truth up front. If you think you've got what it takes, and can take the fact that we're not serious all the time, then you will be welcomed if we have the room. If you've got a positive attitude and a willingness to work well with 39 other people, great. If not, you will learn quickly that some of the more vocal people in this raid are extremely neurotic at times, myself included, and you probably won't be able to handle it. Most assuredly, not everyone is this way, but again, the more vocal of the crowd stands out. This is not intended to discourage applicants, but you should know what you're getting into.

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Posted: Mon 11 Sep 2006 3:11 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 22 Aug 2005 Posts: 1066 Location: New York
Tips from a pro:
  • Don't Pull Golemagg
  • Don't Jump off the Balcony
  • Loot the Dogs
  • Dont' loot the bosses
  • Be sure to rub oil on Crytin every 2-3 nights so he doesnt rust.
  • Don't Jump off the Balcony

Sincerely, Shillandy


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Posted: Tue 19 Sep 2006 8:50 am Reply with quote
Joined: 25 Apr 2006 Posts: 80
One simply question , since my arrival here . Have I proven my worth ?
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