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Posted: Sun 29 Oct 2006 8:33 pm Reply with quote
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Spec is 20-0-31 will change my spec if needed.
Availability- I work every day till 6:30 server time the weekends would be difficult to make.
I have 114FR and no NR but can get resistance items if needed.
I have known about Last Horse for awhile 1st heard about you from Summerlin and later from other people. Greytok said you were a fun group of people to raid with and thats what I'm looking for.
I have experience in
MC-full clear
BWL-full clear
AQ40- to the Twin Emps
Naxx- downed the Instructor

I love to raid. I like learning new encounters and watching a raid progress.

Unfortunatly no pictures Sad sorry

Thanks for viewing my application.
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