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Posted: Wed 15 Nov 2006 3:39 am Reply with quote
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1) I am 20/0/31 with 2/3 healing light and 5/5 illumination(will respec to 3/3 healing light if needed)
2) I shouldnt have a problem making any raids except on sundays
3) this is my healing gear and I have all my sets posted
4) resists- Fire: 128 unbuffed without aura. Nature: 254 unbuffed
5) I was recomended by valtier and some of my other guildies.
6) MC/ZG/AQ20/BWL - complete, AQ40 to twin emps, Naxx- Razuvious, Anub, and Grand Widow down.
7) I helped Erous as class leader when he wasnt around and also helped teach all the new paladins their roles for each fight. Also lead a few successful 20 man raids- some with total noobs. And yes I have asskandy Smile
8 ) You would instantly die if I let you see a picture of my grandma
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