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Posted: Thu 30 Nov 2006 7:28 pm Reply with quote
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Hey guys,

1) Spec: 9/21/21
2) Availability: Can make almost any raid times besides sat nights usaually.
4) FR: 150 unbuffed
5) Ive been interested in LH for quite some time. I finally decided to formally appy on the website here. Great ppl, and great progress, what more can I say.
6) I have experience all the way through ZG, AQ, MC and BWL. Also experience in naxx through Gluth.
7) Even though i only have 1/2 of my T2 my experience goes far beyond that. I am willing to use pots to make up for the DPS difference until my gear catches up! i have flask of supreme power Im willing to use while raiding!!!
Cool No pictures, but I am a supermodel in RL. So Ill have lots of pics once I get in lol
Hope to see you guys really soon!!
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