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Posted: Wed 23 May 2007 7:12 pm Reply with quote
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'lo. My name is Xidronia, but better known (and preferred to be called) as Artemas. I'm that retarded but sexy green-haired warrior that was in DP a while back. I've played warrior to 70, priest from 60-70, and druid 60-70. Let's just say that I'm in love with druidage power and gonna stick with it until my girlfriend comes delete my characters. Anywhere, here's my app.

1) Your spec.
- I'm rawr spec. 0/47/14 to be exact. Just so I won't give you guys bs, I LOVE being a feral druid (coming from Fury warrior). I could change my spec to restoration, but my heart is just not there, therefore I might not be the best at restore.

2) Availability for raidtimes.
- Everyday from 6pm EST until probably 12:00am. Not including days I know I'll get some.

3) A link to your current gear -
- Here's my armory. I guess it depends on where I log off... so I'll give you a quick summary on stats instead. Cat form I have about 2.3k AP 33% crit 150 hit rating self-buffed. Tanking I have about 16k armor, 10k health, 27% dodge, about 400 defense (kinda low, I know, but I should have 20k+ armor and a lot more health in 2-3 days... almost got exalted with CE). Healing probably about +860... no enchants yet.

4) Fire Resistance & Nature Resistance, unbuffed.
- I hope this refers to pre-BC cuz uhhh... I don't know

5) How you came to us.
- Esist and Nu. That and I want to raid again very desperately.

6) Experience in ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL and/or AQ40.
- Done them all on my warrior... Naxx = clear 3 wings but DK wing (killed Gothikk and 4H post-BC tho =/)

7) Anything else you think could matter!
- I rike females. Besides that I think I'm a fast learner.. and I honestly think I'll be better feral druid than my warrior.


A. YOU - I'm too ugly my virus scanner flagged the picture and deleted it automatically
B. YOUR MOM - who I got it from
C. YOUR GRANDMA OR YOUR CAR - I don't have her grave picture. I ride bicycle cuz I can't afford gas.


D. YOUR DOG - oh god, no...

9) You automatically fail if you can't spell the name of your own class.
- Driud? I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!
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