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Posted: Mon 07 Aug 2006 6:18 pm Reply with quote
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Spec: 39 points restoration / 12 points feral for tanking in bear form.

Schedule: Sunday - Thursday 5pm server I can start, and continue to the entire raids duration.

Raid Experience: Everthing except AQ 40, I have even lead several raids.

Gear: MC/BWL geared, started to build tanking gear for bear, I use many mods for raiding and can DL any that the raid group requires, and I always bring plenty of my own consumables.
My fr is 180 unbuffed, and nr is currently about 60 but should be hitting close to 150 in a week or 2 when i craft new gear.

Looking for new raid group because my schedule conflicts with my guilds raids. Any questions about me shoot Valorian a message. For information about me I have raided with Zea of LNR, Bury of DP, Isnu of Phoenix Enclave, LL guild master Messias, and LL druid class leader Crilyna/Veriel. You can use these people for references.

I have so far this summer raided with Sadmoon who disbanded, and a few 20 mans with lnr, who have stated do not currently need me and will not take me on any 40 mans. I have not as of yet been picked up by any other groups..
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