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The AM2 is the newest socket processor for AMD. 939 is a slightly older technology. However as is with most technology there is no guarantee. That means that just because you might choose AM2 today that they will continue producing even similar speed processors as socket AM2 in the future. 939 is definitely not likely to see any newer chips for it so if you want the possibility of future upgrades go with AM2.

To make your CPU picking even more fun keep in mind that under the socket 939 you can use DDR memory and under AM2 it uses DDR2 memory. This means you could probably use your existing memory if you went with socket 939.

This is really the question you should ask yourself: Do I upgrade my cpu every year or so? If the answer is no then you don't have to purchase a motherboard and processor based on the promise of an upgrade because 12 months down the road AM2 will probably be the older socket and something new will replace it. That doesn't mean you still can't take advantage of the AM2 and DDR2 today just means you have a few more options.


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