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Posted: Sun 15 Oct 2006 4:30 pm Reply with quote
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Ahoy, mate!

I'm Damonais from MHP (MeadHall Pirates). I'm just an average day pirate ready to pillage and plunder riches from all over Azeroth. I'm available most days to raid and am willing to commit my self to raid every day.

My Spec/Gear: (have Stormrage leggings
Availability: Commited to all and every raid, unless there is an emergency.
How I found out about LH: I know someone in LH that has raided with you
for a long time.
Experiance: I have raided only MC and the beginning part of BWL. I also
raided AQ20 but Have yet to finish it. My current Raiding
group is falling apart and I want to continue raiding. I am
willing to commit myself to learning Naxx and AQ40 and to
begin gearing up to it.

My NR gear is not listed because I am still making it. I'm attuned to everything but Naxx right now, as of Sunday 10-15-06. I'm revered with AD (just turned Revered) and will buy the mats for attunement if I'm given the chance to join.
Also, my spec for balance/resto does not mean I only cast. I usually offheal alot and cast, depending on the needs of the raid. I'm not willing to switch to full resto at all. I enjoy moonkin and hope you do too.

For now I salute you farewell and hope I hear back from you.

*sails off into the distance*
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