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Posted: Mon 30 Oct 2006 7:15 pm Reply with quote
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1)Your spec. 31/20
2)Availability for raidtimes. I can make about everday except sundays.
3)A link to your current gear.
4)Fire resist
DPS gear
Tank gear
4)Nature Resist
5) How you came to us I heard it was a great raiding group.Also Greytok told me about it
6) Experience in ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL and AQ40
AQ20 All of it cleared except Ayamis and tanked
Zg All of it cleared and tanked
Mc All of it cleared tanked everything but Rag
BWl All of it cleared tanked on a couple of bosses
AQ40 Cleared up to Twin emps
Naxx Killed Raz and have had experiance on Anub
7) Anything else you think could matter!
I want to raid with other people I know like Taishi and Grey I also want to be able to progrees more and have fun.
A Your Mom no pic
B You no pic
C Your car no pic
D Your dog no pic
9) You automatically fail if you can't spell the name of your own class.
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